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How to Decorate a Dining Room with Black Furniture

How to Decorate a Dining Room with Black Furniture

Black dining room furniture can be dressed up or down. Whether you want a glamorous dining experience or a cozy Farmhouse feel, there are many ways to incorporate black furniture into your dining room. Learn how to use versatile objects such as a black dining room table, chairs and bar carts here.

1. Add a Dramatic Black Chandelier

Even the black touch in your dining room furniture is the perfect reason to invite a little extra drama to the table. Pair the dining chairs with leather chairs with matte black lighting for a look that will make dinner guests want more. From industry to glam, dark colored chandeliers present the perfect style for entertaining in the dining room.

2. Mismatch Your Dining Room Table and Chairs

There are no rules that say that your dining room set must match. Simple black chairs paired with a lighter color and vice versa. If you have a black dining room table, try matching it with a lighter chair for the same effect. If the color difference feels too hard, add a cabinet or buffet to fit the chair and balance the room.

3. Add an Elegant Black Bar Cart

For large dining rooms, elegant black carts are a beautiful and functional way to fill any gaps. The sleek black rails create perfect fine lines on a white or neutral background. Plus, bar carts make it easy for you to store liquor and barware when throwing parties with friends or family.

4. Go Glam With Your Dining Room Table

The little black dress is a glamorous staple, but what about the small black dining room table? When paired with a lighter high-backed chair and an elegant chandelier, your dining room will feel instantly more sophisticated. If you have lighter walls, curtains or floors, put a punctuation mark in your dining room with other black furniture, such as bar carts or bookshelves, to increase the balance of the room.

5. Store Dishes and China on a Black Shelf

Bookshelves aren’t just for the living room or library. You can add slick black shelves to your dining room to accommodate your favorite dishes and Chinese. Mark the dark shelf with light pieces made of natural materials such as ceramics or plaits to soften the mood. Black shelves and furniture stand out next to the flowing white curtains, adding contrast to the bright room.

6. Use Black Accents to Frame Furniture

Emphasize the black feature in dining room furniture by framing it with black chandelier or black accented carpet. By adding black above and below your furniture, you make a photo frame that binds common elements. This continuity makes your dining room look fresh, put together, and sophisticated as a black-tie dining event.