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8 Ways To Decorate With Moroccan Carpets

8 Ways to Decorate With a Moroccan Rug

Forgot to try to imitate the generic living room style in decor magazines and showrooms. Your home needs unique qualities that stand out from the decorations of your neighbor’s cookie cutters. Unique Moroccan rugs will remove the need to “follow in the footsteps of the Joneses,” making your home design separate in a bold and beautiful way.

With a series of designs from geometry ordered to free form, there must be a Moroccan rug that matches the style and taste of your decor. Keep reading to see how you can decorate with Moroccan carpets to look comfortable and stylish.

1. Warm Your Sleek, Modern Style With Wedding Blanket Rugs

When you design a modern home, you tend to lean on simple accents with clean lines. At first glance, blanket rugs with thick plush parts interspersed on flat weaves may look too luxurious for a modern space. In fact, the explosion of luxury on the enhanced rug will warm the modern space, making it more comfortable and inviting.

For wedding rugs that blend seamlessly with your modern decor, choose an even patterned carpet that uses straight and clean lines. You will want neutral colors, such as gray, white, and black, to keep the style coherent. Add even more fun by coordinating beautifully arranged pillows and blankets on your bed or sofa.

2. Make Glam Rooms Dazzle With Plush Berber Rugs

Berber rugs are furnished with decadent luxury that makes glam-style spaces expand. If your room is full of shining metal, mirrored surfaces, and velvety textures that can be touched, then the Berber rug is the perfect finishing touch. With tall stacks, thick fibers, and neutral colors, this carpet can make your room look like a palace.

Stick with a black-and-white carpet to strengthen the appeal of the glam room. The geometric pattern on the Berber rug is perfect for a luxurious style. Whether you are decorating your bedroom, living room or office, this carpet will make it the room you want to sink.

3. Make Waves in Coastal Spaces With Azilal Rugs

If the coastal space is what you are looking for, Azilal carpets will help you get there. Like Beni Ourain, Azilal rugs are soft and luxurious with clean lines. The difference is that the Azilals sport a splash of color that looks great in a beach design.

With imperfect lines and shapes, Azilal’s rugs are casual enough to create a relaxed beach atmosphere that has always been dreamed of. Position one in your living room to tie up your seating area. You can pair it with brightly colored furniture and accessories made with natural materials. Complete the appearance with lots of palm trees in pots and tropical flowers.

4. Use Colorful Kilim Rugs to Add Variation in Eclectic Decor

Kilim is a Moroccan style carpet that flaunts geometric designs using colorful diamonds. This lifestyle is the right accent for an eclectic space that values randomness and imperfections.

When your goal is to get a unique look, don’t be afraid to add color, and lots of it. The striking kilim area rug is the perfect statement item for your eclectic living room. Add a stack of pillows, a full gallery wall, and bookshelves full of decorative accessories for a display with the remaining energy.

5. Amplify a Charming Farmhouse Style With Simple Moroccan Rugs

Simple Moroccan carpets that weave embody a relaxed vibe that makes the style of a farmhouse so attractive. Whether you are decorating your living room or bedroom, you want the whole feeling to be friendly and comfortable. Moroccan Rugs gives you a soft and touchable texture that is comfortable but never messy.

Look for something in warm neutral colors to maintain a clean agricultural color palette. Flat rugs from Moroccan carpets are very durable, so you can place them anywhere from the entrance to your dining room.

6. Balance Mid-Century Modern Designs With Complex Boujad Rugs

Despite developing with clean lines and neutral colors, modern medieval style looks great on intricate Boujad rugs. The Boujad rug, which is famous for its rich colors and intricate designs, balances the exact style of modern medieval decor.

You can help combine your rugs with medieval style by choosing regular, predictable patterns. Look for something with decorative borders and conservative pallets.

7. Lay Beni Ourain Rugs to Emphasize Clean Comfort in Minimalist Spaces

Beni Ourain carpet is minimalist by definition. They come in a variety of cream colors and simple lines with repeated diamond patterns. Along with minimalist beauty, this carpet also brings comfort. Made from sheep’s wool, they lay the foundation for a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

Try Beni Ourain at your entrance to persuade guests to take off their shoes and enjoy the soft texture. It also makes a great addition to your living room, perfect for bare feet and crawling.

8. Accentuate a Global Space With a Moroccan Rug in Earth Tones

No matter which Moroccan carpet style you choose, it will permeate your home with an instant ethnic splash. But if you are trying to strengthen the earthly vibe in a global design room, try choosing a rug that is rich in soil color. Shades of beige, orange, yellow and even green lay the foundation for a room rooted in culture and style.

Soften the floor of your room with a luxurious and simple rug that takes you abroad when your feet touch the floor in the morning. You will never be bored when every day feels like a cross-continent adventure.