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7 Lovely Living Room Wall Colors

7 Lovely Living Room Wall Colors

The living room serves as the focal point of the house. This acts as a transition from the front door to the main part of the house, flowing smoothly into the kitchen or bedroom, and as an entry area for new guests. The living room determines the atmosphere for your family to make memories for a lifetime and that is why the color of the living room is important.

Don’t feel overwhelmed when choosing a living room color scheme. Whatever color or furniture you choose, you will never go wrong with a classic and timeless design. These 27 choices are the perfect wall color for the living room and only require home decor, artwork, and a little love to convey the feel of your home.

1. Ash Grey

Gray comes in a variety of colors and can bring depth to any room. This neutral tone is ideal when you want to make a small living room look bigger than life. Balance the blue-gray tones with the dark blue furniture for a commanding look.

2. Cornflower Blue

The color of the living room wall does not have to be complicated. Cornflower blue is a Midwest man who lives in the best place. Give your living room an updated look that feels comfortable and relaxed.

3. Antique White

Bring the classic look of the living room to your own space. Pair with a bright red apple candy or deep mahogany brown accent wall for a dramatic look. The black and white living room is a fun way to liven up the atmosphere.

4. Titanium Grey

Dark gray, like titanium gray, gives a rich and sophisticated feel to the living room. Use a dark frame to turn off portraits, artwork or canvas prints.

5. Jade Green

The living room inspires conversation and is the number one area for entertaining a formal crowd. The accent wall colors for the living room in jade green include jewel tones such as purple, red or dark green.

6. Kombu Green

Dark olive green colors speak to your guests in a way that makes no sense. Encourage intellectual conversation about important topics.

7. Alabaster White

Yellow and gold colors make it perfectly neutral for the walls and ceiling of the living room. Add gold-framed portraits and bright artwork that will stand out compared to this relaxing color.