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7 Bathroom Ideas The Ultimate Design Resource Guide

7 Bathroom Ideas The Ultimate Design Resource Guide

The bathroom is one of the most popular and often renovated rooms in the house. And because they are spaces with high traffic (and places where updates can be seen), it can have a significant effect on resale value.

When starting a bathroom renovation project, think about utility as well as design. The bathroom is often a difficult job because many components must be arranged to fit – and function – in a small space. There are also several water elements so doing the project correctly, from pipes to ventilation, is very important.

Because it is often used and because it is used, the bathroom tends to start breaking down after about 20 years, whether it is a tap that is always leaking or grout collapsing or broken tiles (or all three). On average, a bathroom renovation costs $ 16,724, so your design must be intentional and strategic to get high investment returns, as well as to create functional spaces. That said, bathrooms are usually small, enclosed rooms so they are also places in your home where you can play around a bit with color and texture.

Some of the most important things to remember when considering bathroom remodeling ideas are choosing materials that are easy to maintain, maximize energy efficiency and focus on brightness wherever possible.

If you do the project yourself, make sure you know the permits and building codes and look at 10 things you shouldn’t do when handling a home improvement project. And before you begin, check out our 15-point checklist that will guide you to take the right measurements and make a renovation timeline to which part of the job. If you choose not to go the DIY route, see our seven important tips for hiring a contractor.

Whatever the method, determine how to make the best use of your space. We have covered everything from small bathroom ideas that focus on function to maximizing your budget by changing small things like paint colors or increasing gradually.

Whether you are looking for a master bathroom or guest bathroom idea, we have compiled tips and advice for our master bathroom to help you create a dream room on any budget.

1. Walls

Tiles are often used in bathrooms for various reasons. It’s aesthetic, reflects light, is durable, easy to clean and is a simple way to refresh a room. And many choices for bathroom tile ideas, from materials to implementation. Half-wall tiles for making wainscoting, use classic white subway tiles, whole-wall tiles, make 4-6 inch borders or combine several style elements using whatever material you like. However, using tiles is more expensive than painting, so if you have a budget, choose iterations that don’t use much or just use paint. Make sure the right additives are mixed with the color of your paint so it doesn’t get lighter and if you use tiles, look for stain resistant grout (more expensive but worth the extra cost). White and white are the most popular bathroom color ideas and neutral colors also help make the room feel calm and fresh. Choosing a monochromatic color palette, on which you base the entire color scheme of one main color, is another popular choice and will make the space feel bigger.

2. Lighting

Choosing the right lighting in your bathroom is important because bright and bright rooms will feel bigger. Good lighting can change space and make all other pop design elements. Unless you are very proficient in electrical work, turn over electrical projects to professionals unless you only replace equipment. In terms of efficiency, install LED lights. They use at least 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent lamps (and won’t heat the room).

3. Flooring

There are many options for bathroom floors, so first consider our tips for choosing materials for your floor, which will help you choose the best for your space. In general, larger tiles and floor patterns are smoother and better for small bathrooms. If you place ceramic tiles on the floor, look for values ​​of 1 or 2, the water absorption rate is less than 7% and the coefficient of friction is above 0.60, which is slip resistant and resistant to water. You will also want tiles that are more waterproof for the floor because they are exposed to water. Vinyl feels better on bare feet than ceramic tiles and it is one of the more popular flooring options because it is cheaper and practical (safe, easy to install and maintain). One feature that buyers are looking for now is the market is radiant heated floors, which not only ensure warm feet in colder months but also make the floor dry faster, reducing the chance of slipping or falling. It also saves energy.

4. Fixtures and Finishes

According to the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association, bathroom fixtures consume an average of 20% of the renovation budget so when choosing equipment and finish consider who uses the space and how heavy it will be used. Is this the children’s bathroom? Then plastic laminate flooring and tables are a good choice because they are both durable and inexpensive (and high-grade materials are less important for children). You will thank yourself later for using the low-maintenance and easy to clean finish. In that case, choose quartz instead of marble and make sure the glass shower door is treated with an anti-spotting agent. In terms of equipment, I want high-quality construction such as all brass components and scratch resistant PVD coating. Basic chrome is cheaper than materials such as nickel or bronze. Low budget swaps, high impact including replacing certain features; here is our guide on how to choose the best bathroom vanity. When making changes, consider where you can creatively hide storage in the room and for energy efficiency to be sure to look for low-flow toilet models.

5. Showers and Tubs

Even though you might not want or even use a bathtub, every home should have one to appease buyers who dream of spa tubs or those who have small children (or dogs!). Use the shower / bathtub area to determine the zone in the room and create accent walls by changing the tile you use. You should choose tiles that have a water absorption rating of less than 3% (lower than those recommended for the floor) and have good traction (friction coefficient greater than or equal to 0.60). If you are arguing between open or closed showers, see our pros and cons to help make a decision.

6. Decorating

If you cannot afford full intestine work then redecorating is one way to breathe new life into space without spending a fortune. There are many easy bathroom decorating ideas that you can apply, from changing the hardware in your cabinet to a new coat of paint. Colors and textures that might look different in other rooms in your house are fine in the bathroom, such as dark colors like burgundy or prints and wild patterns. Besides painting, there are other easy bathroom decorating ideas such as refreshing room accessories like mats, toilet paper holders, soap dispensers and towels. Expensive items such as special floor patterns or table materials won’t be as difficult as your budget because they might be in the kitchen because the space is much smaller.

7. Inspiration

If you don’t know what you want or need to look through our other bathroom design ideas for some of the hottest bathroom trends and innovations, or browse other inspirational ideas like our marble bathroom gallery or our 30 beautiful bathrooms and relaxed. If you are still sketching designs on graph paper, be sure to see our ideas on how to make the most of your bathroom layout.