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5 Ways to Get the Display of Metal Mixes in the Bathroom

5 Ways to Get the Display of Metal Mixes in the Bathroom

Metal alloys are a big trend that has taken the design world by storm. At one time it would be taboo to mix metal textures in space – too many clashes. But today, mixing metal deliberately creates a sense of contrast and visual interest. And there is no better way to get an artistic, sleek and stylish look than in the bathroom. With all that equipment happening in space, this is a great way to try alloys. Keep reading to learn how.

1. Gold and silver go well together

Combining gold and silver won’t make you wrong. As the two most popular metallic colors, they can be combined in such a way that they really balance each other. Cold silver and warm gold add style contrast to your bathroom.

The photo above shows an interesting organization: gold above the room against a black wall, with silver fixtures on the bottom against a white tile background. Gold appears on the black wall, and silver does not compete with a white background. Combining gold and silver in such a way also keeps the space from appearing chaotic.

2. Add bronze for another pop of color

You are also not limited to only two options. The above design combines gold lamps, silver faucets, and bronze cabinet door handles. This space shows how mixed metal combinations work as long as you use a number of organizations. This room has a gold theme at the top, silver in the middle and bronze in the cabinet at the bottom. It develops logically in gold-silver-bronze, like award metal. The light coloring of the room itself also helps the metallic pieces to emerge.

3. Subtle shades pull together the room

The photo above shows how you can combine metals in a way that is not too tiered. The warm gold cabinet handle is suitable for warm wood coloring. Meanwhile, a cool polished nickel type faucet blends nicely with white marble. Bright chrome lamp fixtures sit on either side of a light gold mirror frame.

The mirror frame is the element that pulls the handle of the old gold cabinet and silver fixtures into a cohesive look, because it stands as a midpoint between two colors. This is a great idea for metal alloy designs where contrast in metal fixtures is not the focal point.

4. Fixtures and metallic statuary add to the mixed metallics look

If you don’t want to repeat your bathroom, an easy way to get this look is to add some metal standards to your bathroom. The photo above shows how the metallic gold leaf sculptures add contrast to the silver faucet fixtures in the room. You also don’t need to feel confined to silver and gold; copper sculpture can create colorful accents to silver fixtures.

The beauty of metal is that all types can come together if you use a light touch, using a single color to accentuate the more dominant colors. And adding metal sculptures is a solid way to do that. To get this look without spending a fortune on thick gold statues, invest in a metal spray paint that can hold moisture and spray statues or cheaper accents.

5. Dark door handles and bright faucet fixtures create contrast

One way to combine metal alloys in the bathroom is to combine dark and light. The dark wrought-iron cabinet handle blends well with the bright silver color like chrome on the faucet fixtures.

However, what makes this work style is the organization: Chrome on the tap appears as an accent to the rest of the wrought iron fixtures. White cabinets also feature dark door handles.