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5 Trendy Dining Room Wall Colors to Transform Your Space

5 Trendy Dining Room Wall Colors to Transform Your Space

When it comes to DIY room decor, your dining room can be a challenging space for design. Choosing wall colors is very important to tie your dining room to the kitchen or living room color scheme without losing the flow of the house.

Whether you like to have a dinner party or just enjoy the moment of interior design, some colors work better than others. No matter your style or focus, turn your average dining room into a fun and trendy environment with one of these 20 dining room wall colors.

1. Cool Concrete

Concrete is great for calming creative, inspired minds. When choosing this material as an accent wall, include colorful wall art to draw the eye to the center point. More or less when working with this industry choice. Teal is the perfect complement to gray combos, brightening the room without trying too hard.

2. Exposed Brick

While some people might consider an open brick wall too thick for a dining room, it can be perfect for a home that supports healthy debate. If you have an open concept kitchen and dining room, it serves as a focal point to inspire and motivate.

3. Gold Highlights

Gold is one of the most versatile highlights, and it’s easy to present any layout through your wall art or tablescape. Beautiful dining room dishes and gold cutlery and cutlery can be used to accent the dining room or kitchen design.

4. Earthy Brown

For a relaxing dinner with family and friends, an earthy brown wall color might be your best choice. From brown to dark gray, this color is a great addition to any home. This is also an easy palette to use in space to room transitions.

5. Navajo White

Navajo white is a popular yellow-white orangish for wall color. If you use it for walls, make sure to add splashes of color to break up the monotony. White walls in the dining room call for beautiful artwork, large murals, or even large wall tapestries.