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5 Craft Room Organization Ideas

5 Craft Room Organization Ideas

A special craft room is every crafter’s dream. Keep craft rooms clean and organized and ensure that your inventory is easily accessible with these creative ideas for craft space organizations.

1. Make Everything Visible

Bright and colorful craft supplies add to the aesthetics of your craft space – don’t be afraid to store them in the open. Pegboard is a popular option for fully customizable craft organizations that maintain visual appeal. Pegboard flexibility gives you the freedom to hang your inventory wherever you want and ensure that they are always within reach.

2. Or Hide It All Away

For crafters who prefer things to look simple and sleek, the craft storage contained is usually preferred. Color coordinated stack boxes on open shelves, each decorated with a matching label. The drawers on the desk or cupboard can hold a variety of materials – be sure to use drawers to keep everything neat. If your craft room has a cupboard, use it to store large items and unsightly pieces that can make your space feel messy.

3. Arrange Open Cubbies

Cubbies aren’t just for kindergartens. This structure is perfect for organizing your craft supplies and ensuring that you can get everything you need. You can choose wall cubbies or sets that are as tall as a table, depending on the space available in your craft room. The benefits of cubbies over ordinary bookshelves is that you can sort inventory by project or material and arrange it in their own cubby.

4. Hang Your Ribbon

In general supply in many craft projects, ribbons are a staple in most craft rooms. Showcase your ribbon collection and keep it easily accessible by creating your own ribbon display. Just attach a few wooden pegs along the open photo frame and slide it onto your ribbon reel. You will always be able to find the ribbon you are looking for and cut the amount you need with a little effort.

5. Re-Purpose Kitchen Essentials

Many craft materials can be arranged such as kitchen items. Paint jars, markers cups, and yarn rolls are easily accessed when stored in lazy Susan. Use the spice rack to arrange anything in a jar or bottle. The bar wagon is perfect for supplies that are often used and can be pushed back into place when you are done. You can avoid losing the ends of the thread by storing it in the funnel. Hang the funnel on the wall, insert the string in, and insert the free end through the bottom.