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10 Red Bedroom Proven Can Be Very Beautiful

10 Red Bedroom Proven Can Be Very Beautiful

The red color is often used to express love, symbolize sexuality, and generate energy. In Eastern cultures, like China, red is the color for luck. In Indian culture, it symbolizes purity and is often used in wedding dresses. But despite its history, the hue is undeniably a versatile addition to any home decor project.

Whether your decorating style is bold and modern or evokes old-world charm, there are ways to put red in the most important space in your home: your bedroom. Use the orange red shade to bring tons of warmth to your space or try the deep red cherry in blue tones to achieve a moody balance. Up front, 20 red bedrooms will give you a STATE of red fever.

1. The Ruby Room

The jewel of art hanging above Chippendale’s bed in this room deserves the title “The Ruby Room.” However, the decoration has a perfect balance with three bold colors that are used in a big way. Avocado green walls, teal rugs, and red accents play without competing. To create the same cohesive color scheme in your own home, look for hues in the same nuances and tones that contrast with each other exactly.

2. Maraschino Monochrome

Pairing shades of red with shades of pink is always a good idea. This color story runs the whole from pale pink to thick burgers and the end result is surprisingly calm. The ombre walls and painted ceilings compensate for mismatched rugs and bed runners.

3. Maroon Montage

The best places to shop for home decor are none other than thrift stores, thrift stores, and flea markets. Recycle oversized vintage Turkish rugs in bright red and dress your bed with pillow cushions that complement your old new carpet. A simple white bed serves as the perfect canvas for your earthly discoveries.

4. Crimson Composition

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While restoring a 17th-century chateau in the Loire Valley, designer Tino Zervudachi left the best of the existing furniture, but it was restored, reupholstered, and moved into new groupings that made better practical and aesthetic sense. And it was complemented by new pieces designed by Tino Zervudachi & Associés. “In these big old houses, very often the trick is simply to make them comfortable again,” says Zervudachi. In the Chambre Basse bedroom, a Braquenié cotton-linen fabric covers the walls, headboard, and curtains, while a Paul Dupré-Lafon chair was reupholstered in Jean Roze fabric. Take the home tour through the #linkinbio Photo by @richardpowersphoto; text by @nogaarikha; styling by Anita Sarsidi

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Enjoy your eyes on another pattern game that is done right. From special wallpapers, curtains and upholstered headboards set to hand-knotted carpets, bold patterns work very well together because they all share a rich deep red hue.

5. Bohemian Red-sody

We have seen white-to-white bedrooms that combine natural textures and evoke a calm bohemian feel. The addition of electric red adds a lot of interest and still boasts that Hygge feels we all know and love. Plus, it brings a lot of warmth to a clear space, perfect for cooler months.

6. Prep-School Red

The classic red, white and blue Americana color palette can blend together in a way that feels preppy, and at least a little patriotic. From blue and white carpets, to red and blue wallpapers, and ruby bed frames, this elegant bedroom feels classy, without sacrificing style or pleasure.

7. The Rose Room

A bedroom suitable for Marie Antoinette, this luxurious escape offers old world charm without feeling out of date. Red coral on the wall, paired with shades of dusty roses, and gold accents evoke femininity but don’t look too young or feminine.

8. Red Illusions

Large artwork is the best way to bring color into a room that has no variation. We love how much color and visual interest this large abstract piece brings to this bedroom. The final touches, such as pillows and bed runners in bright colors, tie the entire display together.

9. Neutral Red

Although technically the primary color, red in this room serves as a neutral. Paired with tons of natural materials, such as wood and woven, red brick neutralizes shades of black and white throughout.

10. Wine Tasting

When you work with traditional works in home decor projects, you can take the more-and-less route without fear of actually taking it to sea. Please, add a bed canopy, upholstered headrests, and printed padded chairs. Be sure to pair everything in the colors of the same color family, such as garnet, Bordeaux and ruby red.